A Letter from the Cookie Lady

July 13th, 2007

Paul and I arranged to have our mail forwarded while we were away and recently received a month’s worth of mail.  Among the bills and no interest credit card offers was a gem.  I got a letter from June Curry, The Cookie Lady.  If you remember, Mrs. Curry is the local cult hero for cyclists in Afton, VA (see Day 5 in 3 Million Revolutions Journal).  I don’t think The Cookie Lady would mind my sharing her letter.  Enjoy-she’s a very special lady!   

A Letter from June Curry, The Cookie Lady

July 13th, 2007


Hey, this seems to be working

June 12th, 2007

First, thanks to everyone for your kind words, thoughts, prayers and encouragement, both in this public forum and in the individual notes sent.  It has been incredibly energizing and motivating. 

I also appreciate the comments and guidance about keeping the journal and blog live and engaging.  It made me realize that the journal is all the stuff I am sharing with you about the experience, but it may not touch on any questions or specifics that may be on your mind as a result of reading the entries.  Let me know if there are any details that would help fill in the gaps.  There are already a few questions that I’ve gotten.  I’ll take a crack at one or two and see if any others arise.  For the record, any/all comments and feedback are always welcome.

Thanks for being a part of the journey.  The fabric of the journey is continuing to take on new texture, color and patterns.  Thanks for helping make that happen.   

Can this blog come to life?

June 4th, 2007

As I am coming to understand this blogging, I can post stuff and people can respond to it.  It does seem that my journal entries (found on www.3millionrevolutions.com) would be most revelant for feedback, but as lamented below,  I couldn’t make the journal work in blog format without the whole thing getting away from me. 

So, if anyone did want to post any comments, it can be done here.  I can answer your questions and I would welcome suggestions (on the site, journal, cycling…or anything).  In any case, I’d like to give the blog a whirl and I hope to hear from you.

I Just Don’t Get It

May 27th, 2007

I really tried, even making a valient attempt at starting my interactive journal below, but I just don’t get this blogging business.  What I wanted to do was pretty straight forward:  post a daily journal entry, add some stats from the ride and share a few photos.  Simple, right?  HA!

I have The Everything Book and The Weblog Handbook and although there are chapters devoted to finding your voice and identfying your audience, there are none on how to add stats from a ride and share a few photos– clearly, I figured out how to post a blog.  Also, I just couldn’t get my mind around the organization of the blog site, which made it difficult for me to map out how it would develop.  (I know I’m whining, but just a few more seconds…)  Plus, I’ve been a little occupied with pedalling up the Appalachians trying to keep a speed just north of dead stop. 

So, this is Plan B.  I’ll keep the blog live and see what happens.  You who get it can educate me and help bridge the blog gap I can’t seem to get across right now.  As for the journal, it will reside on the 3 Million Revolutions site along with a section for the maps and stats. 

Before the First Revolution

May 19th, 2007

As much as this time has been a long time coming, it still feels incredible and a little surprising that it is already here.  We packed (ok, overpacked) our Rocinante and made our way to Virginia.  On the way out, it helped to get bon voyage wishes (thanks Natalka, Chopa, Renee, Julie, Gary, Christie, Dan).  Leaving home was a big step in starting the journey, but it’s hard to feel too bewildered given the fortunate ability to stay with my sister and her family in Richmond for the first few days of the ride.  I guess our big step is into the shallow end of the pool.

Today, the day before the planned start, Paul and I drove to Yorktown to do a little reconnaissance.  In addition to giving us one less thing to worry about tomorrow, we were able to find a meeting point for the friends that will be seeing us off tomorrow.  Driving out of Yorktown on the Colonial Parkway, we came across a guy that we saw earlier, toting his bike trailer packed with equipment and wearing an American flag cycling jersey.  We realized he had just started his cross-country journey and was now about 3 miles into the ride.  I rolled down my window as we drove by, Paul beeped, and I gave him a thumbs-up.  He pumped his fist in response.  That was it…the tears started pouring down.  The build up, the excitement, the anticipation, and finally the dawning that this was really going to happen spilled out.  On seeing my reaction, Paul shook his head, smiled a little and offered, “Put tissues on the list of things we need to pick up.”